I am passionate about
helping businesses grow
with strong, resilient and
empathic leaders.



All my programs and services are custom fit to suit your needs, business style & structure, timing, complexity, and of course personal preference. However, at the centre of all programs is my proven 3 stage, 9 step framework. Traditional planning does not and cannot work in this fast-moving world. My contemporary planning process will show you how to create effective, no BS plans for long term growth. Focused priorities, clear actions and nowhere to hide accountability will ensure your plans are no longer ‘hope projects.’ Agility anchored to a strong vision, means your business will remain relevant, powering toward your vision, no matter what curve balls are thrown in your path along the way – no more 2 steps forward, 2 steps back.


Effective contemporary plans are built on flexibility, constant feedback and ongoing revision. An aligned, engaged business, connection to brand & customer & authentic leadership has never been more critical in creating an agile business committed to long term growth.

My CEO and Executive Team Coaching program is built around a 2-3 day workshop and is designed to include the whole leadership team to ensure broad points of view and market feedback. My process follows 3 stages: (1) Reality Check – a deep dive into the business as it is right now – the good, bad and ugly, which will identify the all the issues to then be prioritised. This stage will also include detail work around the vision, values and competitive position of the business. (2) Decide and Act – this is where we write the plans – key issues, actions and accountabilities. In this stage, we will also design what will be measured, how and how often. A key part of my process (3) – Make it Stick, is then about embedding the plan into the business and aligning the whole team. Ensuring regular feedback loops, a willingness to assess re-prioritise or change (if necessary) and ongoing communication and updates on progress will then form a critical part of the CEO’s role (an aspect of the planning process often done badly or not at all).


One-to-one support and guidance for the CEO, GM or anyone in the organisation looking to navigate planning and growth or to develop and fine tune their leadership skills.

Mentoring can often be a better option for a small owner operated business, to plan and develop their growth plan. In the case of these businesses, the founder knows they need to spend time planning their business but are struggling to ‘get out of the weeds’ and find the space to do that. I have a flexible online program which follows the same 3 stage 9 step process but quicker without the complexities that many larger businesses need to navigate. A small business following this program will on average need 12-15hrs with me (plus some work in between sessions), which can be structured to suite their schedule. 

Mentoring is also a powerful add on to the CEO & Executive Team Coaching program, to support Individual executives navigate the challenges of change and implementation. Typically issues around leadership, communication, process enforcement, performance management, decision making, and confidence all rear their head at this time and having an external sounding board and cheerleader in your corner can be extremely empowering.

Reach out to find out more and see how Mentoring can support you in growing your business.


Are you a business leader whose business is not humming the way you would like? You know there is a problem but need some advice on what it is and, more importantly, a recommendation on what to do about it.

I often work with CEOs and Founders, helping them understand the options available to break a rut and do things differently. I aim to provide recommendations in a series of steps so you can implement at your own pace and in line with your other business priorities.

Whether it is an issue of team dynamics, accountability, an underperforming area, business alignment, culture, or performance; I can provide experience and, of course, fresh eyes to help you devise a solution.

This option is perfect for a leader who knows change is needed but is unsure of exactly what the issue is or where to start.


I regularly deliver keynote presentations for businesses as part of their L&D program, conference, or special events. Designed to fit your needs, some of the topics I speak about include Planning and Leading Change; Contemporary Growth Planning – Progress not perfection, Authentic Leadership, The Heart and Head of Business, Create a dynamic and responsive business, Know your brand first – don’t be beige, Customer Power, How to harness the troops, Leading a franchise group.

With a warm and engaging style, I share real-life stories, experiences, learnings, and tips. I aim to give the audience tangible takeaways, many of which can be actioned as soon as they get back to their office. I am passionate about sharing my proven experience to inspire my audience to walk away believing in their vision and with confidence in their ability to lead their business forward.

If you would like to chat about a pending event and how I might be able to add value to that event, please get in touch.