Change and Transformation is never perfect

I haven’t written a blog for a very long time. I kept telling myself I needed to wait until I was ready to hit the go button with my new branding, my new website and had finished my book ie all the moving parts of my grand master plan were ‘ready’. I was waiting for it all to be perfect before I went live with my business change and transformation.

Now they are ready, I have had a few obvious (in hindsight), realisations that I thought might be helpful as we are all grappling with so much change and will be for the foreseeable future. The funny thing is, these are the principles that I encourage my clients to remember – they make so much sense but as I have just experienced, are sometimes challenging to act on. Why? Fear of not being perfect, fear of being vulnerable and the big one….wanting everyone to love us, our brand and what we stand for.

Be super clear on your brand and own it

There is no ‘right’. The days of ‘presenting a textbook brand’ are over. Great brands have a story, a heart and a personality. They create a connection with their customer and in doing that, do not resonate with others.  They are never all things to all people. My brand is raw and real, emotional and open…..sharing my journey and realisations is part of my brand. And, guess what….I didn’t need to wait until now to do that.

True authenticity makes everything easier.

Wrap your personality and brand around process and make it your own

Processes, tips and guidelines are nothing more than theory unless they are moulded to fit. How many times have you had a conversation with someone who has clearly read all the books about what to do but have not interpreted whatever it is and made it their own. They have not been able to adjust it, apply it and make it fit their brand. The result?  Lots of theory, but no authenticity, no real heart or passion and no depth.  The likelihood of this lasting past the short term is very low.

It’s OK to not be perfect

Let’s face it, it will never be perfect, and others will appreciate and relate to your realism. More so now than ever, perfection is a thing of the past – change is everywhere, it is fast and businesses and brands that are entrepreneurial in their thinking, are set up to be responsive, know their customer and their brand and then go for it are the winners.

One of the big themes I talk about right through my book is the notion of prioritise, plan, do, assess and repeat.  As long as you know the big goal, your brand and your customer, then jumping into action, will be a step in the right direction, albeit sometimes a slight deviation on the way. You are monitoring and assessing every step so even if a change is needed, it will be picked up and adjusted quickly and off you go again. This concept is a hard one for many of us a-type, control freak, perfectionist personalities but when you think authenticity, connection and a need to be nimble; it simply makes sense.

A massive reminder for me and hopefully will be that voice in your head when you find yourself ‘waiting until…..’