Cut through and Clarity are Critical

“Customers need a compelling reason to buy from you. They need to relate to you, believe you and trust you”.

Channel your inner customer. You can buy your favourite brands whether it be beauty, fashion, food or leisure from a variety of places. The market in nearly all categories is very competitive. The store or service provider that you chose, will be the one you trust, like and believe. The product is the same however you will gravitate to the store or offer that provides the experience that is important to you every time you engage with them, whether browsing, asking for advice, spending money or returning something.

This experience is now more important than ever with the added challenge (for most) of it needing to be provided online without the benefit of face to face contact.

“The customer has the power and businesses that will thrive are those who are able to respond, adjust and curate their offer to ensure the experience online is the same (if not better) than face to face.”

♥ Forget about selling, think about relationships ♥

How will your product or service meet a need your customer has right now?
  • How are you able to adapt your product or service in direct response to your customer’s changed needs and behaviours?
  • Have you been able to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and respond calmly, positively and insightfully?
What are your concise and clear sales messages that differentiate you from the competition?
  • These need to be specific and not wishy washy.
  • Make sure they are different from your competition and be OK with the fact that you will not be for everyone but will stand out and attract those who resonate with your promise.
  • And most importantly, make sure you can deliver on that promise every time a customer interacts with any part of your business.
Get out there and tell the world you are here and what you offer!
  • Social Media.
  • Update your website.
  • Collect testimonials from happy customers.
  • Think of ways to re-invite your customers back whether it be on line of face to face.
  • Get creative, have fun, keep it simple and be true to your brand in everything that you do.

There are many businesses thriving in this climate and many more who are preparing to thrive. They are re-engineering offers, messages, sales channels and designing new ways to get their product to market. The challenge is to balance the decisions that need to be actioned immediately, with those in preparation for the upswing. And how to do both these things with uncompromising commitment to your brand and point of difference!