Business transformation is
when what you say, what you
do and what you think are all




Traditional ‘set and forget’ planning processes do not work. My passion is helping businesses create plans for long term growth built on focus, function, flexibility, and accountability. I believe that a key part of any plan is ensuring that the business remains agile. Plans need to be dynamic and fluid with constant feedback loops, regular review, and a willingness to respond (if and as needed), without losing sight of the goals.  This is what will create long term success.

I do not have a one size fits all/cookie cutter approach to working with clients. My approach is to firstly understand what your biggest concern is, the culture of your business and your timing. Once I gain some insight into your priorities, I then recommend the best way forward.

I do however work to 3 broad stages (and within these stages are 9 working steps). The model below is a visual representation of my proven business transformation process.

(1) The Reality Check – deep dive into the business as it is right now – the good, bad and ugly. At the end of this, we will devise a SWOT and the priority issues to be tackled over the next 12 months. It is also in this first stage that we will confirm or create the vision, values and positioning statement and together these statements will form the North Star of the business.

(2) Decide and Act This is where we create the 12mthPlans. For each priority issue, we will decide the key actions needed to address each of the priorities over the next 12 months, along with who is doing what by when and what will the measure of success for each action be? During this stage, we also agree the reports needed (and timing) to accurately measure each of these actions.

(3) Make it Stick – this is all about business alignment, milestone reporting, monitoring and reassessment for relevancy. Constant communication processes, accountability and feedback loops are critical parts factors for embedding a fluid process into any business’s DNA.