Business Transformation Case Studies

Karen Matthews’ success stories

Karen Matthews trail of success stories features some of Australia’s oldest and most recognised retail brands.

Karen has been there and done it before, many times over. Her No ‘BS’ process is a culmination of over 25 years experience leading business turnaround success stories.

Driven by authentic leadership and a simple No ‘BS’ approach to change, Karen’s work was recognised with prestigious awards, including Telstra NSW Business Woman of the Year, PWC NSW Franchise Woman of the Year and PWC National Franchise Woman of the Year.

Business Transformation Case Studies

Discover how Karen Matthews helps stagnating brands transform to achieve long term business growth and implement the framework to think differently.


Family-owned franchise SME, 54yr old business, 60 employees, International presence independently owned stores + wholesale Distribution, RTO & Manufacturing

A business that operated purely on love, loyalty and family, was in dire shape. Low margins, flat sales and increasing costs resulted from absent strategic and operating plans, and no meaningful reporting, performance focus, KPIs or accountability.

  • Australia’s first franchise model in the sector
  • Distribution network consolidation
  • Investment in product development and education
Franchise SME Business Transformation Case Study


Despite 30 years of operation, with stores across the country, one of Australia’s largest and most iconic furniture retail brands was lost.

A disengaged team, resulting from an apathetic and inert culture driven by process and admin systems, had lost its mojo.

  • Reengineered the business’ USP
  • Transformed the sales strategy from product to inspiration and aspiration
  • Introduced an in-store interior design service
National Retailer Business Transformation Case Study


A stagnated family business reliant on a capital-intensive retail store strategy had no Plan B. Its stores were overflowing with products from parent brands, and there was no strategic scope to shift to a new way of doing business.

  • Devised a global licensing strategy
  • Identified, negotiated and secured a licence to design, manufacture and distribute a line of accessories for the company’s parent brand, Guess
  • Focus on sourcing and manufacturing capabilities improved the company’s distribution opportunities and profitability
Start Up Family Business Transformation
  • Your business is not what or where you want it to be
  • The numbers are underwhelming
  • Your market share is not what you dreamt of
  • The creative spark behind the brand has disappeared. Everything is beige and unoriginal
  • You’ve done countless planning sessions before, but any attempts at change have failed
  • You are falling behind the competition, and you don’t know where to start to keep your business moving as quickly as it needs to