Karen Matthews Business Health Check

Is your business in need of some love?

Take the Karen Matthews Business Health Check

Find out if you are set up for the level of growth required to deliver your business objectives. Spend a few minutes answering yes or no to the following questions and get some insight to your business growth priorities.

Note: there is no right or wrong, good or bad. Every business goes through periods of highs, lows and in between, so answer the questions based on your business right now and your process of business transformation has begun.

    KM Business Health Check

    1 Does your business have a clear point of difference or market position? A brand promise you can own?

    2 Do you deliver on that promise across every part of your business every time?

    3 Do you know what is important to your customer and why they will chose you over your competitors?

    4 Is all your marketing, customer service, communications, and online presence compelling and engaging and aligned to your brand message?

    5 Are you profitable?

    6 Do you know your break-even sales or revenue number?

    7 Are you clear on any change that is needed, and how to go about executing that change?

    8 Have you devised strategic plans in the past that have not moved your business forward the way you would like?

    9 Do you have monthly reporting on both lead and lag indicators?

    10 Do you review your business against agreed goals on a quarterly (at least) basis?

    Total No's : 0

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    • Your business is not what or where you want it to be
    • The numbers are underwhelming
    • Your market share is not what you dreamt of
    • The creative spark behind the brand has disappeared. Everything is beige and unoriginal
    • You’ve done countless planning sessions before, but any attempts at change have failed
    • You are falling behind the competition, and you don’t know where to start to keep your business moving as quickly as it needs to