Experience. Reality. No ‘BS’ Business Transformation

You can’t fake experience.

Twelve years into her corporate career, Karen Matthews realised the regular way of doing business planning, change leadership and business turnaround strategy did not work.

Authentic leadership and business transformation requires a business plan that is simple, agile, no jargon and No ‘BS’. Soul, passion and an open mind to change are critical.

Karen Mathews’ business transformation success stories include Ella Bache, Freedom, Guess and Myer. She has been recognised with awards including Telstra NSW Business Woman of the Year, PWC NSW Franchise Woman of the Year and PWC National Franchise Woman of the Year.

Karen has been there and done it before, many times over. Her No ‘BS’ process is a culmination of over 25 years experience leading business turnaround success stories.


Karen’s approach is collaborative, adjusted to suit each business and its unique challenges. Karen’s focus is all about demystifying the road to change and is based on decades of proven personal experience.

The first step is a Reality Check, a business health check that reveals the current state of play. An up-to-date SWOT of your business is a perfect way of bringing this information together, ready for action. The issues are then prioritised, and a series of change strategies for each one is agreed upon.

Next is Decide & Act. You’ll work with Karen to develop a one-page business plan, along with implementation and financial plans.

Karen’s proven business plan and implementation plan templates ensure succinctness and accountability. Measures, reports, and timeframes will provide a step-by-step No ‘BS’ roadmap forward, with every action focused on achieving the stated goals and vision.

Make It Stick is the final critical step in the business transformation process and is the stage that is overlooked in more than 60% of change strategies. Suggested review meetings, formats, and supporting communication frameworks are part of Karen’s process and will ensure that every aspect of your business is focused on a new way of thinking.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful strategy implementation is leadership, and the commitment to implement, not just once but over and over, will be up to you.

Through mentoring and guidance, Karen can help you navigate and embed this new way of doing business and make it stick. Karen will work with you to set up your organisation for long term growth that is responsive to change as needed. Agility is a precursor for success in every business! Karen Matthews will make sure you stick with your new way of doing business – prioritise, plan, do, assess, repeat.

Karen Matthews Demystifying The Road To Change Model

What sets Karen apart?

Karen’s powerful 3-part model, combined with empathy, personal support and step-by-step business planning templates, sets her apart from other business transformation consultants.

Karen amazes people with her ability to identify the issues facing a business quickly. Having been there herself, she also understands the reality of long to-do lists, exhaustion from constantly fighting fires and the stress around knowing change is needed but just not having the energy to tackle it.

Karen’s experience, No ‘BS’ style and her empathetic and warm approach is a breath of fresh air through every twist and turn of your business transformation process.

Karen supports business owners and leadership teams through every step of the the business transformation process. From identifying critical strategies for growth to developing a prioritised and succinct plan forward, all supported by mentoring and implementation advice.

Whether you are a start-up, scale-up, or in business transformation mode, you will find Karen Matthews’ process refreshing with a clear focus on implementation. Redefine your business, see what’s possible and ensure long term growth.

No ‘BS’ Works!

No ‘BS’ works

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