Business Transformation By Karen Matthews

Karen Matthews introduces her business transformation consulting solutions

Business transformation requires prioritised strategies for business growth that are proven, align with the vision and brand of the organisation and can be executed across the entire business.

Karen Matthews is a motivating and passionate business transformation consultant with over 25years experience leading the reinvention of Australian retail brands including Ella Bache, Guess and Freedom Furniture.

Karen’s refreshingly unique, inspirational and “no BS” approach to business transformation is a game changer. Her ability to quickly identify the issues causing a company to stagnate and provide practical strategies for business growth have been successfully implemented in many retail, consumer brand and franchised businesses across Australia.

“Business transformation is no longer a choice”

Karen Matthews

Why work with business transformation expert Karen Matthews?

  • Create a business growth plan that looks beyond COVID-19 and focuses on long-term, sustainable growth
  • Access long-term, proven strategies for business growth, not a short-term, reactive jolt
  • You know change is necessary but have been putting it off 
  • Work with a trusted business transformation consultant who has been there and done it all before.  She understands the many challenges and pressures.
  • Quickly develop a no BS roadmap to profitably grow your business long term
  • Access to Karen’s proven success formula and plans that work
  • Learn how to implement dynamic planning and innovation into your regular business process and stay ahead of your competitors

Karen loves working with…

Karen Matthews’ approach to business transformation works

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